Yabisi (Utada Hikaru) – Sakura Nagashi

Watching blossomed, petals fly
Through warm breeze and the sunrise
In the distance, here with us two
“Fall has come too early”
Saying this to me, regretfully, I felt all, all and all
Knowing more than what’s known
Here with you again, Angels shall cry.

But try to look me now
What can you find more to say
What words could you bring
You’re the one to drift me, alone
Everybody finds love…
Everyone will find love…
In the End.
In the End…

Could you still hear? Trembling with fear
Our newborn in your firm hands
Dreaming, growing
From the lands you saved
From a world you wrought
You are satisfied, for you know you have succeed
But hush now, do not cry, our child trails here, near you.

Everybody finds love…
In the End.

So much to tell you, much to yet sing
So much to give you, much to yet bring
Before all the blossoms sweep into winds
So much there is for us to yet cling

Watching blossomed, petals fall
Through cold winds and the shadows
In the distance, I am standing
Storms will rage, I will endure

For I shall see, you and the child fall in my arms once again,
As unlikely, untrue it may be, and eternal, I’ll be waiting.

Se ha convertido en mi nueva obsesión.

Aquí una versión en inglés: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6hhjZtORC4

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I absolutely love Radiohead, except for "Creep". I'm conscious of how dangerous life can be, and yet I have no idea of how unbelievably dangerous it can get.
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